The Most Comfortable Climbing Tree Stand

A climbing tree stand can completely transform the way you hunt and help you obtain much better results in the field.  Using a climbing tree stand is also very useful for staying safe and dry — being off the ground helps you avoid the damp, crawling insects and snakes.

Climbing tree stands have become quite affordable in recent years and there are dozens of different models available.  This guide will identify five of the most comfortable tree stands and explain the benefits of using one.  Let’s get started!

Read on to learn the benefits of using a climbing tree stand or jump straight to our list of the and help you find the comfortable climbing tree stand.

The Benefits of Using a Climbing Tree Stand

Climbing tee stands have a number of advantages over camping on the ground,  “hang-on” style tree stands or screw-in steps.  They include:

Better line of sight

A climbing tree stand gives you much better line of sight compared to camping on the ground or in a shelter.  By being able to survey a larger area, you will spot game more easily and avoid dangers like bears.

They are light-weight

Climbing tree stands are very light-weight and easy to carry.  Most models weigh between 20 to 30 pounds and can be carried like a backpack.  They are typically much lighter and easier to carry than a hang-on tree stand or screw in steps.

They are easy to use

It is simple to use a climbing tree stand!  You can set it up in a matter of minutes — much faster than a hang-on tree stand or screw in steps.  You can also avoid scenting up the area surrounding the tree by moving around.  You quickly move up the tree before contaminating the area around you.

They are very safe

When using a climbing tree stand, you will be fitted with a harness the entire time.  It is easily the safest way to climb a tree.  Once the seat is at the desired height, you remain strapped in via the harness.  Many climbing tree stands also come with a solid barricade that surrounds the seat.  This can be useful for resting your weapon or other objects.  Unlike a traditional tree stand, there is no risk of your foot slipping off, causing you to fall backwards.

Climbing Tree Stand Buyers Guide

Here are some simple tips to help you choose the perfect climbing tree stand!

Think about tree size in the area where you will be hunting

Before buying a climbing tree stand,  make sure it will be usable in the environment where you will be hunting!  A climbing tree stand requires mature trees with a diameter of at least 6 inches.  If the trees in the places you go hunting are unsuitable, you might require a tripod stand.

A climbing tree stand also requires a tree without branches, so the harnesses can continue moving up the trunk.  You can easily lop off smaller branches, but if the trees in the area are a species with very thick branches, this may be time consuming.

How confident are the hunters using the tree stand?

If you intend on going hunting with a young person, be aware that they might not feel confident on a tree stand by themselves.  While climbing tree stands are the safest way to climb a tree, they do require some practice and confidence.  Climbing tree stands are also only built for one person — if you are hunting with your young son or daughter you may require a 2-person platform.

Think about the items you take hunting

Some climbing tree stands are fitted with additional belts and trays for hunting accessories.  If you hunt with binoculars, rangefinders, rattling antlers or other items you may require more storage space on your climbing tree stand.

How much does it weigh?

The weight of a climbing tree stand matters in two different ways.  The lighter it is, the easier it will be to carry over long distances.  A light climbing tree stand is also easier to use when it is placed on the tree.  Traditionally, climbing tree stands were made from steel, but lighter aluminum and carbon fiber tree stands are now more common.

You should also consider the weight limit of the stand.  All climbing tree stands have a maximum weight limit for occupants.  If you are on the heavier side, you may have to purchase a more durable climbing tree stand.

Choose the right color

While most animals don’t see color, they do notice different shades.  If you are hunting in an area with dark-colored trees, choose a climbing tree stand that matches that color.

What size is the climbing tree stand?

Climbing tree stands come in a wide variety of sizes and styles.  Some products have larger bottom platforms, larger seats, gun rests, or additional padding, which makes them more comfortable to use.  It’s important to remember that most features added for comfort will also add weight to the tree stand.

What safety measures are included?

Safety is important when climbing trees!  Not only can you fall while climbing, but you may doze off while perched in the tree and fall.  Some climbing tree stands come with a safety harness, but you may have to buy one separately.

Five of the most comfortable climbing tree stands

We have tested dozens of climbing tree stands to discover which ones are the most comfortable.  These climbing tree stands are easy to use, well-made, and very comfortable to sit in.

Summit Treestands Viper SD Climbing TreestandLone Wolf Sit & Climb Combo II Climbing Tree StandSummit Treestands 180 Max SD Climbing TreestandHawk WARBIRD LT Aluminum Climber
Big Game Treestands “The Fusion” Fixed Position Treestand
Rating: 4.8/5Rating: 4.4/5Rating: 4.3/5Rating: 4/5Rating: 4.1/5
Weight: 20lbsWeight: 20lbWeight: 23lbWeight: 22.5lbWeight: 21lb
Supports: Up to 300lbsSupports: Up to 350lbsSupports: Up to 350lbsSupports: Up to 300lbsSupports: Up to 350lbs
Construction: AluminumConstruction: AluminumConstruction: AluminumConstruction: AluminumConstruction: Aluminum
Manufacturer: Lone Wolf
Manufacturer: Hawk
Manufacturer: Big Game Treestands
Price: $Price: $$Price: $$$Price: $$Price: $$

Summit Treestands Viper SD Climbing Treestand

summit-treestands-viper-sd-climbing-treestandRating: 4.8 / 5
Manufacturer: Summit
Weight: 20 pounds

Supports: 300 pounds

This is a lightweight aluminum stand that can support up to 300 pounds in weight.  It features a comfortable suspended-foam padded seat with backrest.  The padded material has a mossy oak pattern to help you remain camouflaged.  The seat is 18 inches wide, and 12 inches deep, while the platform is 20 inches wide and 26.6 inches deep.  It comes with a Full-Body Fall Arrest Harness System and all of the necessary hardware.

Lone Wolf Sit & Climb Combo II Climbing Tree Stand

lone-wolf-sit-climb-combo-ii-climbing-tree-standRating: 4.4 / 5
Manufacturer: Summit
Weight: 20 pounds

Supports: 350 pounds

This is a featured-packed climbing tree stand that has a huge 30 x 19” standing platform.  It includes a very comfortable 2-panel contoured foam seat with backrest.  This seat is so comfortable that you will happily sit in your perch for hours.  This climbing tree stand folds down to a very compact size which makes transport easy.  This seat comes with a bow holder, pivoting “sit and climb” bar, stabilizing straps, a TMA approved 6-pt Fall Arrest System, bungee straps and a camouflage design.

Summit Treestands 180 Max SD Climbing Treestand

Rating: 4.3 / 5
Manufacturer: Summit
Weight: 20 pounds

Supports: 350 pounds

This is one of Summit’s most expensive and feature-rich climbing tree stands.  This model comes with all of the pads, ropes and straps necessary for a tree stand.  It is made of very durable coated aluminum that is guaranteed to withstand intense weather.  The padding on this model is very, making it one of the most comfortable climbing tree stands on the market.

Despite having so many features, this tree stand only weighs 23 pounds.  It is capable of supporting up to 350 pounds.   Other features include an adjustable height seat, reversible foam seat with backrest, 4-point safety harness, and an extended top frame (useful for tall hunters).

Hawk WARBIRD LT Aluminum Climber

hawk-warbird-ltRating: 4 / 5
Manufacturer: Hawk
Weight: 22.5 pounds

Supports: 300 pounds

The Hawk Warbird aluminum climbing tree stand is a super-comfortable tree stand at an affordable price.  It uses HAWK’s proprietary Auto-Latch cable system, which makes navigating up and down a tree simple.  It features a thick multi-density foam seat and padded sit-n-climb bars for additional comfort.  The seat stand collapses to a very small size and can be worn like a backpack.  The platform size is a generous 21”W x 34”L.

Big Game Treestands The Fusion Fixed Position Treestand

big-game-treestandsRating: 4.1 / 5
Manufacturer: Big Game Treestands
Weight: 21 pounds

Supports: 350 pounds

This is a comfortable tree stand with a very durable Alumi-Lite aluminum frame.  This frame is both light and very tough.  The platform is quite large, with a width of 20.5 inches and depth of 29.5 inches.  The seat measures 17 inches wide x 11 inches deep and is covered with a 2 inch seat cushion.  This tree stand folds flat and comes with backpack straps.

We hope you enjoyed our guide to the most comfortable climbing tree stands!  Any of these tree stands will give you years of great performance and help you get the most out of hunting expeditions. Make sure you check out our best crossbows under $500.