5 Best Bow Hunting Hats

A well-made bow hunting hat is a very important part of your hunting arsenal.  It helps you remain comfortable while hunting, protects you from the elements, and helps you remain camouflaged — which can increase your success rate in the field.  This short guide will share some reasons why buying a bow hunting hat is a great idea and showcase five of the best bow hunting hats on the market.

Why should you wear a bow hunting hat?

There are some very good reasons for investing in a well-made bow hunting hat, including:

Wearing a bow hunting hat improves your camouflage

Wearing camouflage is important for hunting certain types of animals.  Even though deer, elk, sheep, goats, antelope, and pigs can only see green and blue, they may be distracted by a poorly designed hat.  If you hunt birds, you will need much more camouflage, because they have very precise tetrachromatic or pentachromaticeyesight.

Camouflage is particularly useful for bow hunting because you will usually be closer to the target when shooting your bow.  It is much more likely that your prey will notice your bald head or bad haircut!

A bow hunting hat will protect you from harmful UV rays

Hunting is an addictive pastime!  Most hunters spend many hours on the field, stalking, killing, and field dressing their prey.  Unfortunately, spending so many hours outdoors can lead to a lot of sun exposure, which increases your risk of skin cancer and damages your skin.  A bow hunting hat with a wide brim reduces the amount of UV you will be exposed to.

Wearing a bow hunting hat is more comfortable

Wearing a bow hunting hat will keep the sun off your face, which means you will sweat less and be more comfortable as you hunt.  The protection it provides means you will have less risk of dehydration or sun stroke, particularly if the hat covers your neck.

A wide brimmed hat will also keep the rain and snow off your head and shoulders.  If you are hunting in the cold, you could even wear a beanie or a hat lined with fur to remain warm.

Some hats even have drop down mesh sections which will protect you against sand flies and mosquitos while hunting.

Some bow hunting hats help you see better

You can even purchase bow hunting hats that are fitted with LED lights.  These hats are very useful if hunting or hiking in low light conditions.

5 of the best bow hunting hats

Here are the 5 best bow hunting hats on the market.  They are comfortable, well-made, and very durable.

Outdoor Cap Bow Sight Cap

outdoor-cap-bow-sight-capThis is a stylish 6-panel cap that uses a real tree camouflage design.  It is designed to look like you have been wearing it for years and is intentionally frayed around the front section of the cap.  It has a bow graphic on the front of the visor and on the cap itself, so there is no doubt what type of hunter you are!  This cap looks great for both hunting and casual wear.

Mossy Oak Camouflage Hunting Hat with FRONT Model Face Mask

mossy-oak-camouflage-hunting-hat-with-front-model-face-maskThis is a great bow hunting hat for keen hunters who hunt prey with great visual acuity.  It is a cap with a mossy oak camouflage and a camouflaged face mask.  The face mask can be folded back up into the cap when not in use.

It is made from a moisture-wicking, breathable fabric that removes sweat from your head and face, making the cap feel more comfortable to wear.  The fabric used to make this hat offers excellent UV protection and is bacteria-resistant.  A great choice for a dedicated hunter who wants to be completely camouflaged.

QuikCamo Depsoc Camouflage Hunting Hat with Rear Face Mask

quikcamo-depsoc-camouflage-hunting-hat-with-rear-face-maskThis is another face mask/hat combo that is heavily camouflaged and ideal for prey that have a high level of visual acuity.  The face mask can be quickly deployed from the crown of the cap, allowing you to camouflage yourself in a couple of seconds.  The face mask is also very useful for reducing UV exposure.

The fake vegetation attached to the hat breaks up your profile, making it even harder for your prey to see you.  There are several colors and patterns available, which helps you find the right camouflage for your favorite hunting grounds.  This hunting hat is made from quick-drying, moisture wicking material that keeps your head cool during warmer weather.

Realtree Extra Green Mesh Bow Hunting Hat

realtree-extra-green-mesh-bow-hunting-hatThis is a stylish hat perfect for the amateur hunter.  It is a 6 panel cap with mesh segments in the back for additional breathability.  Its real tree camouflage pattern is perfect for heavily forested areas and it also features a cool bowhunter decal.  This stylish hat looks good enough to be worn while hunting or while attending a social function.

LETHMIK Winter Bow Hunting Ushanka Hat

lethmik-winter-bow-hunting-ushanka-hatIf you hunt in cold weather, this LETHMIK Ushanka hat is a great choice.  It features a 100% polyester outer shell with a faux fur lining to keep your head warm.  The unique camo style is similar to a mossy oak camouflaged and is quite effective.  It is also a very comfortable hat with ear flaps, chin strap, and a windproof mask.  A great choice for winter!

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