3 Best Pop Up Blinds for Bow Hunting in 2021

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Bow hunting offers several benefits. For starters, it is an effective form of wildlife management.

Areas that experience out of control wildlife populations often use bow hunting to control deer and other wildlife. It is also a healthy outdoor activity that over three million U.S. residents enjoy every year.

Another benefit is the fact that bow hunters contribute an excess of $13 billion in retail sales throughout the U.S. each year.

Of all the equipment that bow hunters buy, one of the most popular pieces of equipment is a pop-up blind.

Pop-up blinds allow hunters to get close to wildlife without giving away their position. You can setup the ground blind near watering holes or game trails.

Plus the camouflaged material blends in with the environment so that wildlife are none the wiser about your presence.

Of course, if you have never used a pop-up blind before or you are new to bow hunting, you might not know which blind is best to use.

The list below features the top three pop-up blinds available for bow hunters like yourself...

Top 3 Bow Hunting Pop Up Blinds

Barronett Grounder 250

Barronett Blinds Grounder 250
  • SIZE: 67" tall, 59"x59" footprint, 75" (hub-to-hub)
  • CAPACITY: 2-person
  • CAMO: BloodTrail Woodlands

Ameristep Care Taker

Ameristep Care Taker Hub
  • SIZE: 60" shooting width by 60" tall
  • CAPACITY: 2-person
  • CAMO: Mossy Oak Break-Up Country

Ameristep Doghouse

Doghouse Popup Blind
  • SIZE: 60" shooting width by 66" tall
  • CAPACITY: 2-person
  • CAMO: Realtree Xtra

Dave's Picks - Best Pop Up Blinds for Bow Hunting

1. Ameristep Care Taker Hub Blind

When it comes to pop-up blinds for bow hunters, the Ameristep Care Taker Magnum is a nice choice.

It offers easy set up and take down and shoot through mesh for simple targeting.

Mesh windows provide a 360-degree view of the area as long as you have them all open.

The viewing range offered by this pop-up blind is just one reason many hunters prefer to use it.

Visibility is important when you hunt. You need to be able to see everything around you.

Careful observation allows you to spot and follow your target for that perfect shot.

Thanks to the 360-degree view, you can track your target and setup your shot for near perfect alignment.


  • Insect resistance
  • Spaciousness (60” shooting width x 60” tall)
  • Shoot-through mesh windows with added gun port
  • Shadow Guard
  • Durashell Plus
  • Wind & Rain protection


  • A lack of sewn-in interior pockets
  • Lack of quality stitching along the seams
  • Weak string and short stakes provided

Many customers recommend purchasing stronger string or cord and longer stakes to anchor the blind in place. Some complained that the weak string and shorter stakes did little to keep the tent in place under windy conditions.

However, there were plenty of hunters that agree this pop-up blind is worth the money, making it a great purchase decision for those on a budget.

2. Ameristep Doghouse Ground Blind

The Ameristep Doghouse is another great choice for bow hunters.

In fact, it is great for those who prefer to use a bow as well as those who wish to use a firearm.

Like the previous pop-up blind, this one also offers shoot through mesh windows.

It is capable of withstanding high wind areas and adverse weather conditions. Staying adequately protected while the weather is rough is ideal for anyone who wishes to hunt.

If you are out in the rain, getting drenched can leaving you feeling cold and miserable.

Also, wet conditions can lead to illness. Fortunately, you can stay bone dry under within this pop up blind. It is roomy enough that you can set up a chair so you can relax while waiting for your target.

The Realtree Xtra camouflage pattern ensures that you stay out of sight for perfect blending with the surrounding environment.


  • Durability (100% polyester)
  • Shoot-through mesh windows
  • Portable, compact design
  • Carry bag for easy hauling
  • Easy set-up and take down
  • Ideal bow and firearm setup
  • 60” shooting width x 66” tall
  • Ground steel spring blind
  • Effective concealment


  • Not roomy enough for two grown men though it says it’s a 2-man blind
  • Vertical windows rather than horizontal ones cause slight viewing obstruction
  • May require an additional tarp to protect against rain and snow

While there are a few drawbacks associated with the blind, for the most part, everyone seem to agree that this is a great buy.

Keep in mind when buying this blind that it is best for solo use.

Although there is plenty of room for one person to comfortably fit and even move around, it does not seem to accommodate two people efficiently.

3. Barronett Grounder 250 Hub Blind

Last, but certainly not least on the list, is the Barronett Blinds Grounder 250 2 Person Hub Blind.

Like any good pop-up blind for bow hunters, this one offers reliability and easy set up.

There is plenty of extra elbow room within the blind, even with a 2-person occupancy.

The roof and sides pop up quickly and easily. A full length corner door allows you to enter the tent and get ready to wait for your target.

Zippered windows provide proper adjustments and configurations for hunting purposes.

The shoot through mesh windows are all replaceable.

You will stay adequately hidden from your target thanks to the exclusive BloodTrail Woodlands camo pattern on this blind model.

Wildlife can walk within a close distance to you and still not notice you, allowing you to setup that perfect shot.


  • Lightweight for easy carrying (only 16 lbs.)
  • Tall (67” at the center)
  • 59”x49” footprint
  • 75” across (hub-to-hub)
  • Roomy enough for two
  • Included carry bag for easy transportation
  • Durable vinyl/synthetic cloth material


  • Loud Velcro
  • Shipment issues (missing materials)

The blind sets up in just a few short minutes and the coloring of the camo is rather natural, allowing it to blend in with the environment.

Which is what any hunter would want!

Takes and tiedowns do come with this blind so make sure when ordering that your packaging includes all the materials.

Other than those select cons, the positives certainly outweigh the negatives.

No matter which of the blinds you choose, you are sure to get plenty of good use from each of them. All three of the blinds mentioned above are great for bow hunters.

However, there seems to be a clear-cut winner among them.

The Ameristep model seems to have generated the most positive buzz, making it a distinguished choice at a decent price.

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