5 Best Carbon Arrows for Hunting 2021 [Dave’s Top Picks]

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Looking for the best carbon arrows for hunting? You're in the right spot...

The top carbon arrows will perform superior, be more consistent, and have elevated levels of precision as opposed to their non-carbon counterparts.

Carbon arrows, which made their first appearance in the hunting scene in the early 1990s, are undoubtedly the most well-liked type of arrows being used today.

They weigh less, can withstand more and with better straightness than even aluminum arrows means faster speeds, better precision, and deeper penetration - we all know what that means, right!

Unsurprisingly, carbon arrows are pricier the straighter they are, but it is no surprise why these arrows have quickly become the most popular choice among us bow hunters.

So I found five of the best carbon arrows you need to pack for your next hunt...

Top 3 Hunting Carbon Arrows

Carbon Express PileDriver

  • LENGTH: Must be cut to length

Beman ICS Bowhunter

  • WEIGHT TOLERANCE: +/- 2 grains
  • LENGTH: Must be cut to length

Gold Tip XT

  • WEIGHT TOLERANCE: +/- 2 grains
  • LENGTH: Must be cut to length

Dave's Picks - 5 Best Carbon Arrows for Hunting

1. Carbon Express PileDriver

The Carbon Express PileDriver is the heaviest arrow created by Carbon Express, which produces maximum kinetic energy.

This is great for bow hunters who want to convey more impactful blows with ultimate penetration into their target from further distances.

Furthermore, in order to create tighter groupings, the PileDriver carbon arrows are equipped with a technology known as “weight-forward.” 

The sophisticated production of these arrows guarantees spine stability for better precision falling in at 0.004 inches for straightness.

The shafts will need to be cut to length, as well as inserts glued in by the bow hunter.

Overall, this is a great arrow at its price point and grade-level for bow hunters wanting an effective hunt.

2. Beman ICS Bowhunter

If you are looking for a great mid-range carbon hunting arrow at an inexpensive price, Beman ICS Bowhunter arrows are what you are looking for.

You will receive twelve carbon hunting arrows for the cost of six premium arrows, without giving up too much in execution.

The shafts will need to be cut to length and the Easton inserts that come provided glued in upon arrival with these 32” long arrows.

Bright yellow Easton nocks come all ready assembled onto the arrows.

The shaft straightness tolerance of the ICS Bowhunters is 0.006 inches.

That is not quite what you would receive with a premium carbon arrow, but it is decent precision with forceful impact and still gets the job done, especially for the price.

3. Carbon Express Maxima Red

The Carbon Express Maxima Red carbon arrows are viewed as one of the best hunting arrows produced by Carbon Express.

The carbon arrows are created with a high-tech design, purposely intended at providing superior broadhead precision and performance.

Such a design is attained by having the dynamic in-flight flexing spine contained within the stiff ends of the arrow.

Only two different spine sizes are necessary to meet the draw weights from 40 to 81 pounds due to how proficiently controlled the dynamic spine is.

The straightness of the shaft is measured via laser and separated to a tolerance zone of 0.0025 inches.

The Maxima Red carbon arrows also are equipped with Launchpad nocks, BullDog collars, and Blazer vanes.

This is a fantastic carbon arrow that provides great quality and imparts a steady weight for hunting.

4. Gold Tip XT Hunter

The XT Hunter is the best selling carbon hunting arrow manufactured by Gold Tip, with the 5575 Blacks being the most liked size with bow hunters.

The XT’s are recognized as being very dependable and able to easily survive practice sessions as well as maintain and withstand deer hunting season due to their sturdiness.

The XT Hunter’s are sorted by hand and laser inspected to have a shaft tolerance of 0.003 inches.

You must cut the shafts to your chosen shooting length on these carbon arrows and glue the inserts that come with them, but they do come with pre-fixed with 2” Blazer vanes.

The XT Hunter is a great, durable, precise carbon arrow.

5. Carbon Express Maxima Blue Streak

Carbon Express’s lightest carbon hunting arrows are the Maxima Blue Streaks. They offer extreme velocity with great accuracy and precision.

The Maxima Blue Streak arrow shafts are created with Diamond Weave, which is a durable cross-weaved carbon substance.

The carbon weave produces an arrow that has fantastic spine stability as well as being remarkably stiff.

These carbon arrows have a straightness tolerance of 0.0025 inches, and a weight tolerance of 1 grain.

They come equipped with Carbon Express special Launchpad nocks with BullDog collars to shield direct blows to the ends.

The Blue Streaks must be cut by the bow hunter to the desired length, but they are pre-fletched with white and blue Blazer vanes.

This reasonably priced carbon hunting arrow is a great, precise, durable choice that is outfitted with top features.