5 Best Ground Blinds for Bow Hunting in 2021

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Using a ground blind can completely transform the way you hunt and help you to obtain some impressive kills.

They help you get very close to your prey without being detected — something that is particularly important when hunting with a bow.

Ground blinds are also very useful for scouting areas and helping you stay dry while in the field!

I found the five best ground blinds for bow hunting all of which are simple to use, durable and most importantly - very effective!

Top 3 Ground Blinds

Barronett Blinds Pentagon

Barronett Blinds Pentagon
  • Thick Polyester
  • 96" across x 72" tall
  • Pentagon Shape
  • Made by Barronett

Big Cat 350 Hub

Big Cat 350 Hub Ground Blind
  • Thick Polyester
  • 70"W x 70"L x 80"H
  • Square Shape
  • Made by Barronett

Evolved Ingenuity Brickhouse

Evolved Ingenuity Brickhouse Blind
  • Thick Polyester
  • 59"W x 59"L x 67"H
  • Square Shape
  • Made by Ameristep

Dave's Picks - 5 Best Bow Hunting Ground Blinds

The following five ground blinds are well-made, lightweight and packed with features!

1. Big Cat 350 Hub Blind

The Big Cat 350 gun blind is a very large ground blind that can comfortably accommodate up to three hunters.

Despite being one of the largest ground blinds on the market, it is simple to set up, easily moved and lightweight. It comes in two different camouflage options, including the very effective Realtree Xtra Camouflage Pattern.

Big Cat 350 Hub Ground Blind

This ground blind features shoot-through mesh windows, stakes, a backpack carry case, and high wind tie downs.

It is tall enough for hunters to stand inside, which makes it ideal for bow hunting.

2. Barronett Blinds Pentagon Hunting Blind

Barronett Blinds Pentagon

This is another huge ground blind, with a 41.5 ft² footprint that can accommodate up to four hunters. It’s unique pentagon design makes it easier to shift your gear and chairs around inside of the blind.

The design also means there are nine large windows, providing more shooting angles than some other ground blinds.

Despite being the largest ground blind reviewed, it only weighs 20 lbs, which makes it easy to carry.

This ground blind comes with the very effective BLOODTRAIL Backwoods camo that uses photorealistic images.

The windows are quite large and are low-dipping, helping you to shoot from crouched position. The shoot-through windows are replaceable.

Another great feature of this ground blind is the zipper-less, low noise fasteners on windows the main door.

This ground blind comes with sturdy fiberglass poles, strong metal hubs, ground stakes, and tie-down ropes.

3. Evolved Ingenuity Brickhouse Ground Blind

The Evolved Ingenuity hunting brick house ground blind  is a very durable and well-made product that is guaranteed to provide with years of use.

It comes with everything you need including a comfortable backpack carry case, stakes, and high wind tie-downs.

Evolved Ingenuity Brickhouse Blind

This ground blind has a heat release roof vent system, which is useful if you are hunting in warmer climates.

4. Ameristep Care Taker Blind

Ameristep Enforcer Hunting Blind

Ameristep has a great reputation for building tough ground blinds that stand up to the rigors of hunting in rough conditions.

This ground blind is made from rugged fabric and comes with many great features including shoot-through mesh windows and the Realtree Xtra camouflage pattern.

This ground blind is simple to construct and quite lightweight with setup and taken taking just a couple of minutes.

Dimensions: 69"W x 55"L x 69"H

It is a great choice for most environments.

5. Evolved Ingenuity Ground Blind

This 100% Polyester ground blind is a great choice for hunters on a budget.

Despite it being one of the cheapest ground blinds on the market, it is still a well-made product that can stand up to harsh weather conditions.

It comes with shoot-through mesh windows, stakes, high wind tie-downs, and a backpack.

Evolved Ingenuity Ground Blind for Bow Hunting

It is available in the very effective Realtree Xtra camouflage pattern.

Dimensions: 60"W x 60"L x 66"H

8 Simple Tips for Using a Ground Blind

A ground blind can only be effective if you understand how and when to use one. If you set up a ground blind in the wrong location you can dramatically limit your success rate.

These simple tips will help you do well with your new ground blind.

Make Your Ground Blind Visible at a Distance

If an animal walks around a corner and suddenly notices your ground blind a short distance away they may be startled and flee.

Give your prey plenty of warning that the blind is present by having clear lines of sight towards it. This gives your prey plenty of time to observe and evaluate the blind before moving closer.

Once your prey believes your ground blind is not a threat, they will eventually become oblivious to its presence.

Place the Ground Blind Near Locations Where Your Prey Wants to Be

The ideal location for a ground blind is somewhere that your prey wants to go — like a watering hole or a popular feeding area.

Don’t place your ground blind directly on a path that your prey often travels along, but somewhere nearby.

Make Your Ground Blind a Familiar Sight for Your Prey

It helps to set your ground blind up well in advance of your hunt. This gives your prey many days or weeks to become familiar with it.

Your prey will eventually come to accept the ground blind as a normal part of their natural habitat and will be comfortable walking within a short distance of it.

Use Decoys to Distract Prey

If your prey seems concerned about your ground blind, use it in conjunction with a decoy.

They will be too distracted by the decoy to concentrate on the threat posed by your blind.

Use Additional Camouflage

Don’t settle for simply throwing up your ground blind on the edge of a clearing — use natural vegetation to really make it blend in.

Most quality ground blinds will have hooks or cords to help you quickly attach or remove vegetation.

Attempt to Neutralize the Odor of Your Blind

Certain animals are very sensitive to smell and will notice the smell of a new ground blind from a mile away. Use scent-eliminating sprays to cover your personal smell and the smell of your equipment.

Also, think about the effect of the wind and sun. Will the prey be downwind from your ground blind?

Don't Let Prey Notice Your Presence

Some animals are very intelligent and will learn to avoid your ground blind if they ever notice movement inside or hear you making noise.

Whenever animals are close to your blind, assume they are aware of it and will notice the smallest of movements.

Setup In a Position With Multiple Shooting Lanes

One common mistake made by hunters who have just purchased a ground blind is setting it up in a position with limited shooting lanes.

They place their ground blind in a position that has trees behind it or an embankment — thinking that they will obtain additional camouflage from the position.

The only problem is they find themselves with a single viable shooting lane. That means they cannot react easily to new prey entering the area from a different angle or rapidly moving prey attempting to escape.

Give yourself options!