5 of the Best Bow Hunting Backpacks for 2021

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Bow hunting is so much fun that hunters often spend much more time on the trail than they expected!

If you are sick of returning home to pick up supplies, it might be time to invest in a high-quality bow hunting backpack.

You will be able to extend the duration of hunting expeditions and carry additional equipment that is useful on the trail.

I found the best bow hunting backpacks so you can carry everything you'll need to enjoy the time on the way to and in your blind...

Top 3 Hunting Backpacks

Eberlestock X2

Eberlestock X2 Hunting Backpack
  • VOLUME: 1830 cubic inches
  • WEIGHT: 4 lbs 8 oz
  • SIZE: 22.5 x 16 x 6 in

Badlands Summit

Badlands Summit Pack
  • VOLUME: 5400 cubic inches
  • WEIGHT: 6 lbs
  • SIZE: 33 x 16 x 12 in

Timber Hawk Killshot

Timber Hawk Killshot Backpack
  • VOLUME: 3324 cubic inches
  • WEIGHT: 6 lbs
  • SIZE: 33 x 16 x 12 in

Dave's Picks

Here are the five best bow hunting backpacks on the market in 2021!

1. Badlands Summit Pack

This is a feature-rich hybrid backpack that has the qualities of both a top loading and panel loading pack.

It is designed for comfort, with the AirTrack™ Suspension system and a padded waist strap.  The internal polycarbonate frame helps distribute large loads and helps you maintain your balance on the trail.

It is packed with pockets and stash zones for frequently used items. The construction quality is outstanding, making it a great option for intense hunting expeditions.

The Summit pack is made from ultralight ripstop fabric which is very tear-resistant and water-resistant.  It also comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

It is one of the best backpacks on the market!


  • Incredible durability and tough construction
  • Combines the best aspects of both top loading and panel loading packs
  • Inner frame and comfortable straps make it easier to carry heavy loads
  • Ideal for carrying large loads and camping
  • Has a pocket for a water bladder
  • Incredible unconditional lifetime warranty!


  • Too bulky for some bow hunters who want to shoot while carry it

2. Eberlestock Halftrack

This is a more compact backpack which may be useful for hunters who would like to shoot while wearing their pack.

It is another hybrid pack, which has some of the attributes of a top loading pack and a panel loading pack.

The Eberlestock Halftrack Hunting Pack is made from tough 1000 denier nylon and is  24″h x 11″w x 7”d.

Despite its compact size, this backpack has a ton of features including the ability to carry multiple hydration packs, a pull out rain cover, many external straps, and easy-to-access external pockets.

This backpack is a favorite of the US military because of its simplicity, ease of use, and durability.


  • Available in many colors including camouflage patterns
  • Can carry multiple hydration packs, which is excellent for hunters always on the move
  • Has a pull-out rain cover that can cover your bow
  • Strong internal aluminum stays
  • Versatile enough to handle anything thrown at it


  • Does not have the comfort features of other backpacks

3. Alps Outdoorz Trail Blazer

This is a cost-effective option that has been designed specifically for hunting.

The ALPS OutdoorZ Trail Blazer Hunting Pack features an expandable pocket to securely hold your bow and straps that can hold your arrows or a quiver.

It is a medium-sized backpack perfect for mid to late season hunting, when you need to carry additional clothing.

This backpack has some great features including an internal frame for additional support, zippered back pockets, a rain cover, a front lashing system, and attachments for a water bladder.


  • Designed for bow hunting
  • Can attach arrows directly to the backpack — ideal for quick access
  • Has a pull-out rain cover
  • Versatile enough to handle anything thrown at it


  • May be lacking for longer expeditions

4. Eberlestock X2

This is an excellent backpack for the hunter on the move!

It is a medium-sized pack with a very low profile, which gives the hunter excellent mobility.

It features a lightweight IntEx™ metal frame, a padded waist belt, oversized compression straps, and many external pockets — perfect for a hunting rangefinder or GPS.

This backpack is compatible with the ARCG ButtBucket™, a tool designed for carrying bows and arrows.


  • Low profile offers excellent mobility
  • When combined with ARCG ButtBucket™ it is an excellent pack for fast-moving bow hunters
  • Excellent range of pack designs available
  • A very versatile backpack


  • The lower profile makes adding bulky items difficult

5. Timber Hawk Killshot

The Timber Hawk Killshot has been designed from the ground up for bow hunting.

It is packed with features including ultra-quiet internal fabric and zippers, large capacity main compartment, multiple webbed accessory loops, a bow holder, lightweight internal frame, 2 liter hydration pack and train cover.

This is a very affordable option that is setup for bow hunting.


  • Designed from the ground up for bow hunters
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Thick, padded shoulder straps and waist strap
  • Comes with an emergency whistle!
  • Effective mossy camouflage


  • The pocket for the spotting scope is small
  • Slightly heavy for a backpack of this size

The Verdict...

Best Overall Backpack for Bow Hunting

The Badlands Summit is an outstanding backpack that has the right combination of features and quality materials.

It will provide with many years of use on the trail and help you extend your expeditions!

Best Value Hunting Backpack

If you have a tight budget, you still have access to some great hunting backpacks. The ALPS OutdoorZ Trail Blazer Hunting Pack probably represents the best value-for-money of the backpacks reviewed.

It is a well made and very durable backpack that is surprisingly affordable!

Tips for Buying a Bow Hunting Backpack

Bow hunting requires a backpack that is comfortable and highly durable. It should include features which are useful when hunting, like additional pockets to hold hunting accessories and straps to hold your bow.

Ideally, any bow hunting backpack should be camouflaged to reduce your chances of being sighted by your prey.

Here are some tips for buying a great bow hunting backpack:

Think about how you will be using a pack

If you are going to be camping and hauling a large amount of equipment, choose a large pack with the ability to hold a sleeping bag, tent, and other large items.

Typically, you will set up camp and take the back pack off while hunting.

If you intend on wearing the backpack while hunting and on the move, choose one that is lightweight, compact and does not hamper your freedom of movement.

It should be large enough to contain supplies and emergency equipment but allow for plenty of arm movement so you can operate your bow.

Which items do you regularly use and need?

The next time you go hunting, think about the items that you use on a regular basis. You might use water, snacks, your GPS, and mobile phone regularly.

Now, look for a backpack that can provide easy access to those items with exterior pockets or easy-to-access interior pockets.

You shouldn’t have to go rustling through your backpack every time you need to find an energy bar or your phone.

Choose a backpack that is highly adjustable

Hacking a backpack that fits well is important. Not only does a good fit ensure the backpack is comfortable — it can prevent injuries during those long hikes.

Look for a backpack with adjustable shoulder straps, a waist belt, and sternum straps. This will give you plenty of adjustability and comfort

Focus on the design

The most common designs for backpacks are:

  • Traditional backpack

    Small and light backpacks that are similar to the one you may have owned at school. They typically have a very simple design and a small number of compartments. Most traditional backpacks don’t have support frames
  • Top loading backpack

    These backpacks typically have a large central section that is accessible through a top panel. They are commonly used by hikers to carry large amounts of cargo and often come with a metal frame to distribute the weight.
  • Panel loading backpack

    These backpacks use multiple external panels that can be accessed quickly. They are often used by hunters because they make accessing small items convenient. Modern panel loading backpacks also often come with a frame, however it is usually inside the backpack.

What is the build quality and warranty?

Build quality is an important consideration when buying a bow hunting backpack. You will be using this backpack in some inhospitable locations and it needs to be as tough as nails.

It is usually best to purchase hunting backpacks from reputable companies who specialize in these kinds of products.  Don’t waste time on a cheap, no-name backpack with lots of features — it will probably fail.

Ideally, choose a backpack with a decent warranty because you want a brand that stands behind their product!