Growing up in a farming family in the Midwest hunting is our way of life. From squirrel to rabbit and onto bigger game like deer and group coyote hunts these things are just what we love to do.

Having my Dad and Uncles – my Dad has 7 brothers by the way to plenty of ‘knowledge’ to go around – teach me how to appreciate the outdoors was something I will always cherish.

Now that I bow hunt more often and take my son out with me the family affair continues. There is nothing like putting in the time to scout and lay the groundwork for a successful hunting adventure.

With over 30 years of my own personal experience – not to mention the compounding years of those that taught me – I am happy to share what I know about bow hunting with YOU!

Inside Best Bow Hunting Reviews you will find my suggestions for the best compound bows for beginners and even those of you on a budget along with other types of gear you will need such as rangefinders, binoculars, arrows and more.

I hope you will enjoy this great sport as much as I have and look forward to hearing about that big buck you bag!