Bow Hunting

Bow Hunting is the practice of hunting game animals (turkey, deer, bear, rabbits, and pheasant for example) by archery. This kind of hunting requires a lot of skill as it is dependent on a person’s individual ability as well as what animal the hunter is targeting. The success of this hunting style also depends on how strong the bow is, the terrain, the arrow, and the hunter. There are a couple of methods that a hunter can incorporate when they are bow hunting.

“Still hunting” is one method that a bow hunter can use when they are hunting. When they incorporate this method of hunting with bows the hunter walks along the ground at a slow pace, searching for game, and stalks it carefully during the final approach. The hunter will regularly wear camouflage clothing and they will walk upwind (with the wind blowing in their face) so the game around them cannot smell them.

When a hunter goes “stand hunting,” they wait for the game to come to them. They usually put their stand up by water, food, or known trails. Brush and other natural materials can be used for cover or a “ground blind” that looks like a camouflage tent can be used. They usually “pop” up and can be set up in just a matter of minutes. The hunter can wait on a metal or wooden stand elevated in a tree, from three to six meters. There are quite a few tools that a hunter can use when they are hunting with bows.

Compound Bows

A compound bow is a one-of-a-kind ranged weapon. Its structure includes a metal framing with reels on both ends and multiple bowstrings. It also has a flexible and modern design that makes it easier for a hunter to shoot and its size is more compact than more traditional bows. If a compound bow is in good condition, it will last a long time because they only degrade 0.1 percent every time that they are used. This type of bow is not easy to find, but may be found at a market or by scavenging. Any type of arrow can be shot out of a compound bow.

Recurve Bows

The recurve bow is the most popular traditional bow today. It is a bow with limbs that curve away from the archer when unstrung. This kind of bow stores more energy and delivers energy more efficiently than the straight-limbed bow that is equal to it, giving a lot more energy and speed to the arrow.

The modern recurve bow is the only bow that is permitted to be a part of the Olympics. It is also the most widely used by European and Asian sporting archers. The majority of recurves today are “take-down” bows which means that the limbs may be separated from the riser to make it easier to store and transport them and to interchange them as well. The older recurves and some of the modern ones are one-piece bows. Hunters like the one-piece bows over “take-down” bows because the limb pockets on “take-down” bows can be noisy when a hunter is drawing the bow to shoot an animal.


A crossbow is a bow and arrow that has had minor changes done to it. The Chinese invented around 6 B.C. for military purposes, but it did not become popular in Europe until a thousand years later. They are a very accurate weapon and they can fire a lot further than a traditional longbow. Another benefit of this weapon is that it easier to use and they are ideal for the person that is not strong enough to pull the classic bow. The downside to using a Crossbow is that it takes longer to load than it does to load a longbow. Six or seven shots can be shot out of a longbow in the time it takes to shoot one out of a crossbow. Crossbows are very popular for target practice and hunting game.

Hunting with Scopes

A scope for hunting with bows are also known as bow sights. They are a hunting tool that is typically mounted on the bow riser so that a hunter can aim their shot better. Scopes are a lot like the sights that a shot gun has but they help a hunter have more control when they aim their arrow. The technology behind Scopes gives a bow hunter to have a better view of where their projectile is pointing. Since the goal of most shooters is to have the best aim possible, the hunter wants a clean kill, and the hunter desires to make an accurate shot from a lot of different distances. There are also Bow Accessories that will aid bow hunters a great deal.

Bow Accessories

When a bow hunter is hunting, there are accessories that will help them. One of these accessories is an animal caller. They recreate the sounds of nature and bring those animals coming. Some of them have a variety of sounds to choose and, for the technologically advanced, some of them have a wireless remote control.

Another accessory for hunting with bows are baits and smells. They lure the animals to come to you and they have different types for different kinds of animals. The majority of them are designed to attract deer. There are other ones for other types of animals though.

I hope that this information about hunting with bows and some of the accessories used during this type of hunting have helped you learn more about how to properly use a bow to hunt. I have enjoyed sharing this information with you about hunting with bows and I truly hope that it will make you a better hunter.