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Best Moon Phase to Hunt Deer

Enjoying A Pastime As Old As The Hills

Hunting is one of the oldest and most popular past times in America. It takes skill, patience, and determination to hunt game successfully. Hunters study the migration patterns of game and hone their skills over the years. The best hunters understand that game patterns tend to follow the lunar cycle. As the moon waxes and wanes so does the behavior of animals. If you learn to time your hunting trips just right you can massively increase your odds of success.

How Do Moon Phases Help Hunters?

The idea of using the moon to improve your hunting skills may seem odd at first but there is sound science behind it. For example let’s say you are trying to hunt the largest buck you can. When the moon is peaking overhead or underfoot you’ll have a perfect window about 2 hours before sundown to catch one of the biggest bucks you can.

Moonlight Directs Deer Traffic

Moonlight, particularly at sun dawn, tends to attract game. Generally speaking wild animals are less active in the daytime and you’ll only find them outside during dark times. Naturally that means the best moon phase to hunt deer is during nocturnal hours. The closer the moon is to the full phase the more animals you will find available for hunting. There are many hunters would argue that the only way to predict animal behavior is through moon phases.

The Reproductive Cycle Of The Female Deer

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons behind the effectiveness of moon phase hunting is the reproductive cycle of does. The moon has a direct impact on the fertility of the doe and it tends to peak around the second full moon after the autumnal equinox. At that point the deer mating season reaches a high point and you’ll see more deer outside. Keep aware of the mating season and you’ll have an easy time finding game.

Is This More Than Anecdotal Evidence

It’s natural to hear this advice and cynically shrug it off. There are plenty of superstitions many hunters use while hunting with little to no evidence behind their theory. This isn’t the case with moon phase hunting. Just like plants are affected by moon cycles so are animals. Keeping track of the best moon phase to hunt deer is one the best ways to hunt game like a professional.


Best Times to Hunt Whitetail Deer

Best Times to Hunt Whitetail Deer

What are the best times to hunt whitetail deer? A lot of different hunters have their own opinions on when the best times are, but the truth of the matter is that there are certain times of day that are typically more lucrative when it comes to hunting than others. In addition, it is usually easier to bag a whitetail deer before weather moves in, so this plays an important factor in deciding when to go hunting and when to stay home. Obviously, everyone that goes hunting for whitetail deer wants to get the biggest buck, and this requires a great deal of practice but it also requires a lot of knowledge. As a result, hunters have to know everything there is to know about the local terrain, areas where deer commonly gather, their eating habits, the weather, and what time of day to go hunting, as previously mentioned.

All of these things come into play when a person is hunting and in many cases, they all have to come together in a systematic fashion in order for the hunt to be successful. Otherwise, a hunter may go out looking for deer and stay out there for hours without even seeing a single animal. The question is, how do you know when the best times to hunt whitetail deer really are? First and foremost, you have to know the patterns of the deer in your area. In other words, when and where do they typically go to eat and are there mating grounds nearby that you should steer clear from? Once you figure this information out, you can start to narrow down when the best times really are. Of course, there are a few more things have to be taken into consideration.

Weather Affects Bow Hunting

The first thing you want to think about is the weather. Typically, deer will come out to forage before weather moves in so if you have a storm front moving through and rain is coming, you might have better luck with your hunt if you go during these times, right before that weather moves in. This is when you’re likely to see the greatest numbers of deer running around. In addition, pay attention to the time of day. Typically, deer are most active right before it gets dark and in the hours surrounding daybreak. Therefore, you might want to time your hunt with these times of the day. In other words, go hunting as soon as it gets light or make sure that you are ready to camp out for the night so you can go hunting right before dark. This can help you get the deer that you have been looking for when you might not otherwise find it.

Of course, you also have to take other things into consideration like the phases of the moon or other activity that has been going on in the area. Deer are very skittish creatures, so everything has the potential to disturb their regular behavior. The sooner that you start taking everything into consideration as a whole, the more likely you are to get the deer that you have been trying to bag for years.